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Wheelbarrow Drawing

Our Curriculum

Kids in Preschool

At Oak Tree Preschool, a project-based approach is used throughout the day.  With this approach all subject areas are integrated and worked on at pre-kindergarten level.


Morning Circle:  Greeting time with songs, number sense, colors, letters,  and their sounds.  These build on skills as needed.  Books about our theme for the month are read and embedded throughout the day.  Learn the pledge to both Texas and US flag.


Journal Time:  Learn that the spoken word can be written with letters to make words.  A variety of approaches are used.  Journaling is not always paper and pencil or crayons, it may include the use of dry erase board, letter wall work, or a game.  Children draw pictures with the teacher writing their story, progressing to the child writing.   


Outside Time:  Explore the acre of land, garden, use of play equipment varies each day.  This time encourages the development of motor skills.  Playing outside and learning from our environment is fostered daily.


Small Group:  Learning activity at tables or on rug.  STEM appropriate activities are done during this time.  Multiple developmentally appropriate skills are worked on during this time.


Work Time:  Play is their work! All centers revolve around a big theme for the month.  Weekly themes are developed within the larger theme.  Materials to support the learning goals are brought into the classroom.  Your child will learn to verbally plan and recall their work that day.


Large Group:  The children will play developmentally targeted gross motor games.  These activities require a facilitator (teacher) to lead the games and present rules for the group.


Snacks and Mealtime:  Discussing the day, learning to take turns, listening to others and building conversation skills.


Rest Time:  Children are given the opportunity to nap or rest each day.


Goodbye Circle:  Children will pack their bags for home each day.  Each child will recall/share a part of their day.  Review theme, letter, number shape, color and sing goodbye to each child.

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